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About Us

Since our founding in 1990, we continue to be one of the most reliable and trustworthy partners of the Filipino community in Australia.
Whether you choose door-to-door, bank deposit, or cash pick-up, now you can send money to the Philippines in the fastest, easiest, and most secure way possible with the BM Express difference.

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Trust only the company that Filipinos trust, BM Express Guaranteed fast, safe and reliable

PERA PADALA PTY LTD T/A BMEXPRESS DOOR TO DOOR TO THE PHILIPPINES is a well-established company engaged in transmitting money from the United States and Canada to anywhere in the Philippines for the past years. We have been operating in NSW Australia since 1990 and we remain a well-trusted partner of the Filipino community in Australia when it comes to money remittances.

We provide indisputable, fast and reliable money remittance services to our customers. And because we know how important every cent of your hard-earned money is to you and your family in the Philippines, we only trust the banks and financial institutions that you trust!

We offer you security for your money, high exchange rates, low service charges and the quickest service whether you choose door-to-door, bank deposit or cash pick-up.

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Pera Padala Pty Ltd T/A BM Express Door to Door to the Philippines

4 Wiltshire St. Minto NSW 2566

Toll Free Number: 1300 724 491
Remittance Tel. No.: 02 98202645/
02 81993631/43260970